Dossier of V.M. Straka

Compiled by J. W. Dominguez


An Alphabetical List of Straka Candidates

WHO was V. M. Straka? I’ve been acutely interested in this question since I purchased a four-volume set of reissued novels from Straka’s middle period (The Spotted Cat, The Black Nineteen, Washington & Greene, and Hanging the Dead) for two dollars at a garage sale in Ballard in the fall of 2008. While I majored in English at Gonzaga (longer ago than I’d like to admit), I don’t claim to be an expert. These are simply my notes about the lives of some of the major Straka candidates, along with my assessments about the likelihood of each one being the true identity of the mysterious Straka.

Please note that this site is a work in progress and that a complete list of every candidate ever proposed would take years to assemble (especially if you have two kids, a mortgage, and only three weeks of paid vacation a year). I’ve begun with the candidates I think are most plausible and/or most interesting. If you check back here every few weeks, you’ll usually find some new material to read. I welcome all comments, so please feel free to email me at At some point in the future, I plan to sort through all of the feedback I get (and any new developments in the field) and assemble a summary of contemporary opinions about the Straka controversy.

I strive for accuracy in all my work, so if you notice any errors, please let me know so I may make corrections. Also, I apologize if some of the language is too faux-academic; I’ve found it enjoyable to write in a professorial tone—so much so that I find myself wondering if I chose the wrong career entirely. That, however, is a discussion better suited to my blog, The Litigation Monkey, which I invite you to visit if you’re interested...